General rules 
1. No spamming or flooding the chat with unnecessary messages.

2. No external links (this includes explicit content, scam websites, anything that can harm a user's computer). If staff considers a link as inappropriate, we will remove it and it will lead to administrative action depending on what you send.

3. Do not type in caps.

4. No racism, sexism, harassment, controversial messages, explicit content, religious or political discussions and offensive memes. Staff will decide whether a meme is too offensive or not. Contact @Owner or @GodLike Admin if you aren't sure if you can post a specific meme, picture or whatever.

5. Using loopholes in the rules is not permitted. Please report them to @Owner or @GodLike Admin.

6. No offensive names or avatars.

7. Be friendly and always show respect to everyone, no matter their role. This means: no offensive language towards others.

8. Contact @Owner or @GodLike Admin if you have any problems.

9. Repeated reports of someone from multiple members will lead to administrative action.

10. English only. Contact @Owner or @GodLike Admin if you want a text channel added for another language and the staff will decide if it will be added or not.

11. Respect the use of each channel. Find the right channel for the right conversation. Read the description from a channel to do so. If you are missing something, do a suggestion in #suggestions.

12. Do not post random stuff anywhere. Posting a funny image or an occasional meme that is related to the topic is allowed, but extensive posting of pointless off-topic stuff isn't.

13. You can promote other Discord servers, Twitch streams in #promotion, but do not spam these.

14. No promotion of bugs, glitches, hacks etc.

15. Have fun and make new friends!(ändrad)__

Voice chat rules

16. No channel surfing or switching channels repeatedly.

17. No annoying noises or music.

18. No verbal racism, sexism, harassment.

19. When possible, try to reduce the amount of background noise. Use push-to-talk if necessa


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